Queen Bee


My first personal character design & creation project, concept of a humanised 'Queen Bee', sat on a throne of bees, draped in her fur and wearing a crown cast from honey.

I created the base meshes in Maya, took them into ZBrush for high detailed sculpting and texturing, and then into Cinema4D where the lighting, shaders and fur were set up.
The throne was made using After Effects Particular, following the outline created by a 3D throne mesh I modelled, with the inner static lights created in Cinema4D.
The crown shader uses caustics to give the honey-type look. I composited the final image in Photoshop.

I learnt an incredible amount in this project about the specific workflows required to bridge between each of the different software involved to take the character from concept to final comp. Through practice I learnt about the pitfalls and workarounds of each within this unique pipeline, as well as a huge amount about sculpting the female form and using 3D fur.
Many of these tools and disciplines I had never attempted before, and for that reason this project remains my favourite piece, as it taught me so much.