Paint The Town Gold


Studio: Pretty in Plastic

Working with the passionate team at LA-based fine art and fabrication studio Pretty in Plastic, we were commissioned by artist Cleon Peterson to bring to life an 8ft sculpture of his piece "Paint The Town Gold".

After the piece has been initially cast, I worked together with talented sculptor Juan Balandran to take the sculpt to the next level, refining the bodywork of the model from large structural edits down to the finest details. We then assembled the sculpture for welding onto it's metal support structure using fibre glass and body filler, to be primed and painted as we continued the refining process.

The pieces created in the Pretty in Plastic workshop are taken from concept to final coat, with their superior attention to detail and close relationships with artists setting them apart in the art fabrication world. Working with their team both digitally and hands-on is an incredible experience, giving me the opportunity to bring sculpts to life in the physical world as well as on the screen.