Heroes & Generals

Studio: Territory

3D modelling and texturing of assets for the Heroes & General's trailer cinematic & modelling, texturing/shading and lighting done for end logo reveal.

Working as part of Territory’s VFX team to create a live action, action-packed launch trailer for the online PC game Heroes & Generals, developed by Reto-Moto. On this project I worked as the 3D model and texture artist, creating the 3D models that populate the war-zone environment. This included the modelling and texturing of the fighter jet, and the plane wreck model, as well as various other assets. The modelling was done in Maya & ZBrush, and the texture and shader work done across ZBrush and Cinema4D using V-Ray.

I also worked on all aspects of the final logo reveal, creating the model, shading it using V-Ray and creating the V-Ray light setup and animation.

Full project credit list available here.